Friday, December 30, 2011

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time


The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is the first in the series to be in 3D. The game features many new elements, items, and characters. The game has many non-playable characters and a trading side-quest to get an updated sword. The player is put on an epic adventure through time. the game has five child Link dungeons and  six adult link temples. All ten dungeons include difficult puzzles and enemies. This game would go on to become the standard for future Zelda games. Also, this game would lead to the timeline controversy, being that there are two different eras in the game, what would happen to one lineage if it continued? This question lead to many different timeline theories regarding a split timeline. Although this was the best game of its time, it still had some flaws. One flaw was that the game was re released many time for its original system. there were in fact three different versions of the game at the end of the N64's life cycle, the first having islamic chanting in the fire temple and the final boss spiting blood after the battle was over, and the third removing both of said issues. Also, the game features a maze like temple, the water temple, whose main feature is the changing of the water level, which lead many people to give up, the temple's switches were hard, and tedious to get to. Finally, the game features an item that only works in the temple it was received in, the mirror shield found in the spirit temple claimed it could reflect magic spells, which it did in the boss for the spirit temple, but it did not work for the final boss of the game. This game is a great entry to the series, but if you are to buy it, I suggest you buy the game for the 3DS which was slightly improved, graphics and a patch for most glitches.