Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!


Mario Kart Double Dash is the 4th entry in the Mario Kart Series. The game features a very interesting game play formula which requires players to use two characters. This allowed Nintendo to have people carry two items and use special items. These special items are character specific, so only a few characters can use that item. In addition to these special items, there are the regular items, though some were adapted for special items. This game was also the first in the series to diverge from the three (or five in Super Mario Kart) lap formula. Baby Park has 7 laps as it is very short, so short that you have to lap people in order to win, it is also the most hectic track in the game even though it is the most basic. Wario Stadium on the other hand has only two laps, as it is extremely long. The player is able to set the number of laps on all tracks but only for vs. mode, sadly this option is yet to appear outside of Double Dash. This game is a perfect game for those new to the series to start their enjoyment of Mario Kart.