Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mario Kart: Super Circuit


Mario Kart Super Circuit is the worst Mario Kart game to date. it claims to be the sequel to Mario Kart 64, but it is more similar to Super Mario Kart. The main feature of this game, like both before it, is multiplayer. it features single cartridge multiplayer, but all other people must bet Yoshis. It features 20 new 2D tracks and all 20 SNES tracks, but without gimmicks or shortcuts that require the feather item, these tracks are much worse than they originally were. All items from Mario Kart 64 return except the triple mushrooms, the banana bunch, and the fake item box. Although coins reappear in this game, the coin item does not. The coins are used for unlocking the retro tracks, requiring 100 coins per cup to unlock the corresponding cup from Super Mario Kart. All ten cups have four tracks making the organisation of the retro tracks confusing, since cups had five tracks in Super Mario Kart. In addition to the lack of gimmicks (obstacles) in the retro tracks, the tracks also lack their original backgrounds, having the same ones as the new tracks, though the music was redone. The game is not worth buying but if you are a 3DS Ambassador, you get the game for free, but without the multiplayer.