Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is a great system, but is lacking in some areas.

Ergonomics- 18/20
The system is really thin so those of us with larger hands will have issues in the area of comfort. Also, the circle pad is placed so that it fits into its little groove making that part of the system even thinner but, that works. The 3d depth slider is positioned quite well. The + control pad is positioned awkwardly, beneath the circle pad.  The + Control pad is placed well, once you get used to it that is, and due to its lack of use it isn't too bad. The face buttons are placed in the same place they were on the DS, on the right side, this spot still works well. The power button is right below the face buttons, due to its lack of use, I think this is a good place for it. The home, start and select buttons are beneath the touch screen, which works if you aren't using any attachments, such as the Circle Pad Pro (just an assumption).

Launch Software- 10/20
The software at launch only included two (technically four) first-party games, none of which were very good. Pilotwings Resort and Nintendogs were the two. The only game that sold well (I am not sure what it is like as I have not played it) is Super Street Fighter IV 3D, a fighting game (Duh!). Other than that, the other games were terrible third-party games that were either ports, bad games, or both!

Built-In Content- 15/20
The 3DS thrived on its built-in content during its launch period. The built-in games include Face Raiders, Mii Maker, Streetpass Mii Plaza, Nintendo 3DS Camera, Nintendo 3DS sound, Activity Log, and AR Games. These games were only substantial for a short period of time, but they were better than most of the launch games.

Battery Life- 10/20
The battery only lasts five hours when the system is used at full capability. Wireless on, back light on fully, and volume on fully, with these settings, the system is dead in no time. The 3D doesn't seem to have an effect though, which is nice. If you buy a 3DS, get an expansion battery!

Online- 18/20
The 3DS' Online functionality is much better than that of other Nintendo systems, though it still doesn't compare to that of Microsoft's and Sony's. The 3DS has universal friend codes, meaning that you only have to register a friend one time. At least in Mario Kart 7, You can go online without changing the frame-rate, it stays at a great sixty frames per second.

At this point in time I would change the Launch Software category to Software and give this category an 18 out of 20. The 3DS has seen a lot of support from Nintendo and its third parties to give the system games. The switch would push the system up to a 79,  a "C".

I gave the 3DS XL an 8.5 out of 10 see the review by clicking here.