Monday, December 19, 2011

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP

The Gameboy Advance SP was a great entry to the handheld gaming market. It was, however, missing some key elements in the area of graphics.

The Gameboy Advance SP isn't very wide, so a player's hands are really close together, but other than that the system is very comfortable. The system has two face buttons, A and B, they are positioned on the right side of the system similar to the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance. The system also has the + control pad similar to the systems mentioned before. This system is able to flip open and closed similar to a flip phone allowing the system to become more compact. The system feels great.

Battery Life- 19/20
The system's built in battery lasts for a very long time, and is rechargeable, but loss of battery life while the system is off is very noticeable. If you leave it sitting for a long period of time it will be out of charge when you return. The system comes with a charger and the system can charge while you are playing.

The graphics are similar to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which was released more than ten years earlier. Though these were good graphics for a portable system.

The system is capable of small amounts of voice acting, unlike the home console I compared it to earlier, the SNES (see graphics). The little amount of voice acting is used very often and very well.

Backwards Compatibility- 20/20
The Gameboy Advance SP is capable of playing Gameboy and Gameboy Color games in addition to Gameboy Advance games. The system allows you to add color to Gameboy games using palettes, similar to playing them on the Gameboy Color.