Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nyko Power Pak Plus


The Nyko Power Pak Plus is a temporary fix for the total non-existence of a 3ds battery. As we all probably know by now, the 3ds is barely a portable system because its battery only lasts for five hours. The Nyko on the other hand claims to last 20, which i'm sure it could if you turned wireless off, turned the back light low and played a regular ds game. The battery, like all before it, loses capablity after time. the battery loses life to the pont that it only lasts a couple more hours than the system's. Being that is is about three times as large, you would think that impossible, but it isn't. Though the battery is large, it is very comfertable. it has grips builtinto the bottom and it makes the system thicker (duh) making it easier to hold. The attachment is worth buying, but don't think you don't have to carry your charger around anymore.