Monday, January 16, 2012

Fortune Street


Fortune Street is a board game in which you play as a Mario character, a Dragon Quest character, or your Mii (you have to play as your Mii in single player). In order to win, you will be required to gain wealth: money, property, and stocks, similar to Monopoly. But instead of attempting to bankrupt the other players, the goal is to reach a certain amount of wealth. Stocks are one of the few things that make Fortune Street different from Monopoly. They allow the stockowners to collect a small dividend from all payments of rent in the district to which the stock belongs. Free money! Well, almost, stocks do cost money. If you buy more than ten stocks at a time, stock prices rise, if you sell more than ten stocks at a time, stock prices drop. You sell stocks at their current value; so if you buy stock and raise stock prices, then immediately sell enough of your stocks to drop prices, then you profit. There are several different boards, although the gameplay does not change at all on the different boards. Also, it only matters what characters the computers choose because the characters in the game do not change the gameplay either, though the computers will talk and their dialogue changes from character to character. This lack of change makes me wonder how this game is any different than it would be if it were an actual board game. Is it improved at all? This game is definitely worth buying. But you better rethink getting it if you rarely have an extensive period of time on your hands, one game can take several hours.