Friday, January 20, 2012

Luigi's Mansion


Luigi's Mansion is a very revolutionary Mario game. One reason is that players aren't even playing as Mario, instead his brother Luigi is used. Luigi is a cowardly man who is afraid of just about anything, he won a mansion in a contest he didn't even enter. The mansion, it turns out, is haunted by ghosts. The mastermind is King Boo. he created the mansion and gave it to Luigi so that his brother Mario would go to the mansion and get captured. Luigi has to use a vacuum given to him by a strange old man who lives near by, to capture ghosts and save his brother. This game uses the gamecube controller well. to suck up ghosts, one has to time their attack perfectly using the vacuum's built in flashlight to shock the ghosts, then using the control stick to pull them in. This game is rather odd, but is worth buying, As I am sure its sequel that comes out this year is also.