Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Need For Speed: The Run


Take a bit of Burnout, a bit of NFS Underground and another bit of NFS Hot Pursuit, and you have NFS The Run.
The Run had the misfortune of being launched in the same time window has Mario Kart 7.
I wasn't expecting a killer app when I picked this one from the retail shelve, but I needed something to keep me busy and I couldn't have made a better decision! This game is a great addition to the 3DS library, it's one hell of a racing game. The graphics are above average, the soundtrack is very cool and fitting and the game play is awesome. Some may argue that the "drive on rails" parts of the game are idiotic, but if you try to see the bigger picture you'll see that it fits perfectly in the action.
The script is full of cliches but who cares, it's a racing game! there are loads of very cool tracks down the mountain, through cities, down the mountain again to smash, bash and crash your opponents with your super speed mean machines just for the fun of it!


Finished the story mode? No worries! You have lots achievements to accomplish in a series of short events that go from speed runs to survival runs. Finished the achievements too? Great, now just go online and challenge up to four players from around the world. The online isn't as good as the one in MK 7, but it's functional and you'll have loads of fun trying to get in to the world leader boards.
Besides all this, EA managed to squeeze in the Autolog feature, meaning, you'll receive track records updates via spotpass every time your 3DS goes online. So, you have local multiplayer, online multiplayer, Autolog, story mode and achievements. Lots and lots to keep you busy for some time, i hit the 50 hour milestone a few days back. Is this game a must have? Well, if you want a racing game and have to chose between this and MK7, buy MK7. If you can buy both, both!