Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pokemon Black and White


 These games, like other Pokemon games, are almost exactly the same as each other. One of the only differences are that in Pokemon White there is a place called the White Forest, and in Black, the same location has the Black City. The other being the Pokemon available in the game without trading. Despite these flaws (I think they should just release on version of the game per generation) these games are still the best in the series. This game allows you to connect to the internet in more ways than ever before. This game features, for the first time, the Pokemon Dream World! It is the internet and accesible from any computer with internet connection. You can get items and Pokemon exclusive to the dream world, and then put them into your game. The game also allows you to trade world wide in a simpler fashion than before, you can trade directly from the PC boxes and you can tell your trading partner what Pokemon you want (sort of, yes or no only). It is a good thing this game allows you to connect to the internet using the advanced internet connection settings using a DSi or a 3DS, I would not hav been able to use the online at all if it hadn't. Either one of these games are a great gift for any Pokemon fan you know, but buying both for the same person is useless.