Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ridge Racer 3D


Ridge Racer 3D is a direct port of the iOS version.
That said, you cant expect it to demonstrate the 3DS capabilities in any way, besides the fact that the stereoscopic 3D does add a superior sense of speed to the game if you compare both versions.

After over 40 hours in the game, I really can't say I didn't have fun playing this, because I did, but I also cant say I would buy it again at full price if I knew what it was like. The A.I. is ruthless, making you think that you are the main target of all the competitors, since all of them try to get a piece of you, sometimes all at once. And later on you'll see yourself cursing out loud often because of  that last second defeat.

Start your engines

Only the more dedicated players will try to beat the game and along the way unlock all of the cars available, but even then don't expect to feel rewarded, because you wont... This isn't by all means a bad game, in spite the poor graphics and lifeless tracks, it's pure arcade racing and it will deliver what long time fans got used to see in the franchise. If it had any online features, it would be a serious case for early adopters, but that was not the case. The game shares personal track records via streetpass, but with so few 3DS sold in the first months of 2011, I didn't have any luck finding a fellow racer. By now the 3DS already has some valid racing games and based on that I don't see any reason to tell you to buy it, unless you find it at a very, very low price.