Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Second Opinion: Mario Kart 7


Mario Kart 7 is the best Mario Kart instalment ever. Period.
The game shines above all others, even the Wii version, in every possible way. You can now fly and dive through your way to victory.

The controls are, as always, above perfect. The tracks are a MK fan's dream come true, with 32 of these available, 16 new and 16 classics, most of these, if not all, are all time favorites for most of us who have been playing this pearl since the SNES time. The graphics are flawless and the tracks design are incredible, every corner has a reason to be there, nothing exists by chance in this reality. You'll get a decent amount of characters and karts to begin your career as a insane banana thrower, but in no time you'll get more than you can handle. The karts customization is a crucial part of the game when you decide to go online. One badly balanced kart and you'll see your adversaries shrouded in a cloud of dust far away in the distance. Or maybe not! One of the charms of these series is that the best player won't always be first and the worst player wont always be last, in fact, everyone will win races online, even if you are the worst gamer ever! The culprits are as always, the power ups. Who doesn't flinches when the horrific warning sound of the feared blue turtle shell screams it's way through the track just to hit you inches away from the finish line, sending you in a blink of an eye from 1st to 8th? Yes, you will get angry at your best friend because of that during the time you take to start another run and give him a taste of his own medicine.


You will recieve other players ghosts via street pass and spot pass, so the game will always have a new challenge every day for you to beat, unless you get mine, in that case just give up right away. Or you can go and try prove me wrong! (FC 2277-6652-4683, Nick: Alpha) It's online that this game becomes a time devouring monster. Nintendo isn't famous for their online capabilities, but this time they really did a good job! Join communities or create your own! You wont even need the infamous Friend Codes, log in and just jump right into one ongoing race! You will play at 60 frames per second offline, online, 3D on and 3D off! There's almost no delay while online, even if you're in Australia and i'm in Spain! That's an amazing achievement. You have to get this game as soon as possible, no reason to wait for any other racing game in the near future. Mario Kart 7 will be in your 3DS for a very long time.

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