Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Second Opinion: Super Mario 3D Land

This new Mario Bros instalment is the best way to introduce to the new generation of gamers what Mario is all about, without hurting the long time fans' opinions of the series.
Nintendo doesn't know how to do a bad Mario game, and, in my opinion, this is one of the best ever.
I loved Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and the first Mario Galaxy, but this one hits the spot like no other in recent releases.The levels are very well designed, one wouldn't expect less from Nintendo's crazy game designers. You will find yourself playing the levels with a grin on your face, even when you lose 10 lives in row while trying to get that precious star medal. In fact, this is what games are all about. Delivering immediate fun to the player, even when the player isn't that good at that genre of gaming. Everybody will feel great when they jump to the top of that flag pole.

Here we go!

The graphics, the best on the system, and the stereoscopic 3D look and work like in no other game released to this date. The 3D realy adds something to the gameplay! It's like Nintendo's saying to the third party producers "This is how it's done!" It's not a hard game to finish but it will make your hands sweat if you want to get all the 3 golden coins in all the levels. The streetpass function is used in a capable way, adding some life to the game, you can even do speed runs, and if you are better than your friend who also has SM3DL, your time will show up in their game. If you enjoy a good platforming game, look no further. The King is alive and well.

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