Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sonic Generations


Sonic Generations is a awesome game in the home consoles, no question about it. Does the 3DS version stands along side with the home editions?
No. I love Sonic games since the times of the Master System, and i really wanted to like this game, but  I was disappointed. The graphics are below average in a lot of ways and the use of the 3D is questionable to say the least. The gameplay is somewhere between Sonic 4 and Sonic Rush, and some of the levels are great, mostly the ones seen in Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic 2. In no time you'll be confronted with the levels remastered by Dimps, and that's where the problems start. You'll see Sonic falling into pit after pit in spite your best efforts, or bumping into enemies that pop up in the last second giving you no chance to avoid them.
Looks so cool!!!...It's not.

Sonic was never an easy game, but now it's not only hard but also frustrating enough to make you question why are you are punishing yourself like that, wasn't this supposed to be fun? The game does deliver the sense of nostalgia Sega promised, but I bet that if Sonic Team did 100% of this port you would be facing a game close to the ones running on the PS3 and Xbox 360ยบ. If you are a Sonic fanboy from the 90s, forget this game, it will make you depressed. If you don't know anything about Sonic this is not the best way to start. Only worth trying if you find it at a bargain price and even then think twice.
I know it's a harsh review, but as a Sonic fan I want it to be treated by the producers with the respect it deserves.