Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Swapnote is the 3DS exclusive messaging system created by Nintendo. It can be downloaded through the EShop.

Swapnote is Nintendo's first real attempt at a messaging system for the 3ds. it allows users to draw pictures, attach photos and sound recordings, and write. One of the few problems is that you have to write. But then again I hate typing on the touch screen, it would be nice if Nintendo released a keyboard attachment that works similar to the circle pad pro for its connectivity, and used it for Swapnote and other typing apps. Another problem is that all note are sent via spotpass or streetpass, both of which aren't the easiest way of connecting, though I like that I don't have to be connected to the internet to send a message, it works similarly to an offline email app for the spotpass funcionality, and it can send one note at a time via streetpass. Due to it requiring spotpass and streetpass, the messages you can make are very limited, they can only be four pages (each the size of the touch screen) long and can only use a small amount of ink (not even enough to black out one page). Also, you have to watch the messages being written, unless you want to manually scroll to the next page of the message. Also, the app has space for 3,000 notes (messages) making for a mess considering that you can't sort them at all other then by date, though you can add a favorite label to the making them easier to find. All in all, this is a great app and all 3ds owners should get it, its free after all, it would totally be worth it if it did cost though.