Monday, January 16, 2012

Wii Fit Plus

Wii fit is a great game that would eventually lead other companies into using motion censor technology.

Wii Fit Plus is an upgraded version of Wii Fit, the game that every Wii owner came to love. Wii Fit Plus offers several new activities and a routine mode, which allows you to make a workout for yourself. Also, Wii Fit Plus will calculate the amount of calories you burn while playing. Additionally, people who had Wii Fit prior to getting Wii Fit Plus are able to move their files from Wii Fit to the new game. The game is sold with or without the Wii Balance Board. But the game is lacking a way to be more precise with your motions. Sometimes it will falsely detect you movements, causing you to lose the current mini-game or fail the exercise. This game is great for all Wii owners as it is a fun experience for all ages.