Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hunger By: Michael Grant

Do you need a good book to read? If you like Science Fiction novels, then Hunger is a good book to read. Hunger is a great book about a city without adults. In the first book in the series, Gone, everyone over the age of fourteen disappears, all at once, Gone. A few kids are given special powers: telepathy, power over the elements, extreme strength, and more. In Hunger, the tension increases even more. The people who don’t get powers gang up on those who do. Food is running short. Kids refuse to work. The small town is in chaos. Sam, the protagonist, steps up and tries to run the small town and save it from its starvation crisis, all while in a battle with his long lost twin brother who took over the city in the previous book. This is a great book for many reasons.
This book has many good qualities. One good thing about the book is that it is well written. It flows well and it is always exiting. Several characters lead the story, though it is told in third-person. Also, it is very descriptive. When the characters go somewhere new it is explained well. Or if a new character is introduced, readers will be able to understand what they are like. Finally this book is very creative. I have never read anything like it before in my life. I personally do not like books that are unoriginal This book is wonderful.
Though the book is good, but it has some flaws. First of all, it was badly edited. It had many grammatical errors and spelling issues. There are some parts that make very little sense or have awkward wording. Also, the book is lacking in figurative language. It has very few of the common figurative language such as metaphors and similes, though the author does use several onomatopoeia's, “ow-ow-owing” was an interesting one. This book is great even with its flaws.
This book is a good read. I suggest everyone reads it. Hunger is good because it is well written, descriptive, and very creative. Even with its issues; poor editing, and lack of figurative language, Hunger is worth reading.