Monday, March 26, 2012

New Super Mario Bros. Wii


 This game is great for groups, people who loved the original Super Mario Bros., and newcomers alike. This game blends the style of the 2d Mario games with gameplay from the 3d Mario games. This game allows for triple jumps, and Ice flowers while being played in a 2d environment. The levels are short and sweet but many in numbers. The game allows for up to four player simultaneously and its co-op. It works smoothly with four and it is fun for everyone. If you are a less skilled player, you can press the A button (a.k.a. the bubble button) and put yourself in a bubble while your friends get passed the difficult parts. The only problem is that it is not well suited for short play periods, you can’t save unless you beat a tower, a castle, or have beaten the entire game at least once; otherwise one has to use “quick saves” which are temporary save files, when you come back the save is deleted and if you quit again you have to restart from where you last saved (towers or castles). This game is great for every age group, once I took it to church (there is a Wii at my church) and everyone played New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and had fun doing it. This game is a must-have for every video game library.