Wednesday, March 28, 2012



 This is an interesting game in which the player goes around a planet trying to find parts of their damaged ship while battling strange creatures and raising a species known as Pikmin. The controls are a bit awkward and hard to remember at first, especially the camera controls, three buttons for something that could easily have been done by a joystick. The player has thirty days to get thirty ship parts, but getting one a day doesn’t work. The last ship part requires at least two days to get as it requires an extremely long battle and a time-consuming puzzle, and the final piece is in its own landing area so one can’t get different part and then do the puzzle. Another complaint I have is that this game is rather short, a day is about ten minutes and there are thirty of them, so if you do the math, that is a max of five hours of gameplay (not including menus). This game is fun and all, but it isn’t great for those who like complex games.