Sunday, May 20, 2012

AR Games


This game lives up to all expectations, and more! It is included on the Nintendo 3DS system, so it is free. Also, it is fun and easy to show to friends. It has six games for free, and several more if you spend play coins (currency accumulated by walking with your system). The games use the included AR Cards to put the game into the real world. You can shoot targets on your dinning room table. How cool is that? My favorite game is Fishing. I have seen this game played on a wall. These people write for a blog,, and they made a video of them playing AR Games Fishing on a wall right after the release of the system in Japan. One of the games games you have to buy is called "Free Fishing", it allows you to fish for however long you want. I like that. Two of the free games are just for taking pictures, one for your Miis and one for the Famous Nintendo Characters. I would like an update that would allow players to have both Miis and Nintendo Characters. That is my only complaint about this game. This game works very well considering most other AR games on the 3DS require perfect lighting, this one really doesn’t. This game works right out of the box, no additional setup required. This game is perfect for people who like simple games that have multiple games. And for people who like free stuff. I sure do!