Friday, September 7, 2012



I gave the original 3DS a 71/100. You can read the original post here.

The 3DS XL is an greatly improved version of the 3DS. The system Launched with an awesome game, (New Super Mario Bros. 2) and all the 3DS games look great. This system also features a 1:1 resolution option for DS and DSiware games that allows you to play the games in their original resolution. The system also comes with a 4Gb SD card (the 3DS comes with a 2Gb SD card). The system is slightly thicker than the 3DS, so that fixed all of the ergonomics issues I had with the 3DS. I’m not going to judge this system by its launch title because it is simply a big 3ds, which already had a ton of good games. The 3DS XL has an improved battery life over its predecessor, a necessary addition. All in all, the 3DS XL isn't a necessary upgrade, but it is worth the money you would have to invest in it.