Sunday, September 2, 2012

Face Raiders


I really enjoyed Face Raiders, it was a fun way to spend my time with my 3DS (XL) if I was in an office chair, but only if I was in an office chair. This game does not really work well while in a moving vehicle or while stationary, standing is an okay way to play this game, but it hurt my back. This game would have received a better score if it was more than just face raiders, if there was another game in this app, I would recommend it but I don't really like to show people this game as much as say, AR Games. This game uses the motion and gyro censors to create an augmented reality shooter. With my 3DS I noticed a slight drifting if I played for extended periods of time (the camera would rotate without me turning the system) it wasn't a huge problem but got a little annoying at times. There are very few levels and very little re-playability. This game is fun, but that fun is short-lived.