Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Super Mario Bros. 2


New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS re-introduced the second dimension to the Mario Universe. Its inaccurately named sequel made the series even better by focussing on currency. This game implements a one million coin goal and a worldwide coin counter that works through SpotPass; Players receive an update whenever a milestone is reached (50 billion, 100 Billion, etc.) , this update opens all rainbow worlds and re-opens all toad houses in the worlds the player has access to. All the levels in the game are built to have the maximum number of coins possible, making the one million coin goal not so unobtainable. Gold Rings, Gold blocks, and Gold Fire Flowers also assist in the coin frenzy. The game has six main worlds and three secret worlds for a total of nine, each with several levels in them. The game is said to have DLC (Paid Downloadable Content) coming in the future, though little has been said of it. The game has a feature known as coin rush mode. It allows players to play through three randomly selected levels to obtain even more currency then in the coarse in story mode. 1-up mushrooms turn into gold mushrooms which turn into coins when collected, hitting the top of the flagpole at the end of the level doubles your coin total in that play through, extra time is converted to coins. Although the time limit is shortened to one hundred seconds, passing the checkpoint or getting a green stop watch increases your time by fifty seconds. If you haven't gotten a 3DS, this game is a great reason to. If you have, this game is worth the time and money you put into it.

Another important thing to take in to consideration is that it was Nintendo's first downloadable retail game. It was released on the eShop at the same at the same time that it was released in stores. I will put a download QR code that you can scan with your 3DS camera either by pressing R or L on the Home Menu of the 3DS or by going into the eShop clicking on Settings/other then selecting Scan QR Code.