Friday, October 5, 2012

Nintendo Land: Pre-Release Thoughts


To start Nintendo Land is a fun title that has components built for the core and the casual audience. I consider myself a hardcore gamer and most of the games I got to play in this title were built for casual gamers, but they were still fun for me. I got to play three of the twelve (then five) attractions, Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, and The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest. All three of these were fun and for the former two, I got to play with both styles.

Luigi's Ghost Mansion

This attraction was very fun. As the specter, I got to roam the halls in search of four people who got themselves stuck in my domain. It was fun to sneak up from behind them (or from right in front of them) and K.O. them. With the Wiimotes, this game is still fun. I wandered the halls in search of the invisible fiend and shined him with my flashlight to return him to his grave. And since alternate levels are confirmed for this attraction, this game will be interesting for multiple play-throughs when it releases. Hopefully this game allows for single-player, I have only ever seen it in multiplayer.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest

This attraction gave me many memories from playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (My second favorite Zelda Game) last year. I got to be one of the sword wielders. Me and two others (one armed with arrows and one, another sword fighter) ran the gauntlet filled with felt covered baddies. This game brought out the Zelda fan in me and I can't wait to play more of this game.

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
This game was pretty much the same as Luig's Ghost Mansion except that the chaser has two characters to control and that the wiimote players don't attack the chaser, instead they collect candy. As they collect candy, their heads get larger and they become more sluggish. The goal for the wiimote players, who are dressed as animals, is to collect fifty candies before the chasers catch three of them. If an animal is caught, it will respawn but it will count towards the chasers catch total and will lose all of the candy it has collected. The chasers are controlled on the GamePad with the left analog stick and the L trigger for one and the right analog stick and the R trigger for the other, the buttons are used to tackle and the analog stick contols motion, this single stick and single button control scheme makes me think of the Atari. I would have been more pleased with this game if the GamePad had split-screen and each chaser had a screen, instead the picture zooms out as the two chasers get farther apart from each other. This game is still fun and if I get some friends together I will enjoy it. 

In general Nintendo Land is a fun game that can please everyone. It comes free with the Premium Wii U bundle. There are a variety of other games to play in this title including: Takumaru's Ninja Castle (a Shuriken throwing game/ first person shooter with unique controls), Pikmin adventure (an action based Pikmin game) Donkey Kong's Crash Coarse (A puzzle game set in the original Donkey Kong game), Balloon Trip Breeze (a time-trial race in the sky), Mario Chase (Formerly: Chase Mii, an interesting game where up to four toads chase Mario through a large arena in an epic game of tag), Metroid Blast (a co-op of vs. shooter set in the world of Metroid), Captain Falcon's Twister Reace (a rarely shown racing game), and two unknown games: Octopus Dance and Yoshi's Fruit Cart. This game is shaping up to be an amazing entry to the world of Nintendo.