Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nintendo Wii U

83/100 for the Basic Set or 86/100 for the Deluxe Set
The Wii U is Nintendo's latest home console. It features a new controller called the Wii U GamePad. The GamePad features traditional buttons, but also includes a 6.2" touch screen, NFC (near-field communication- the ability to read and write data to certain objects such as special cards or figures).

Ergonomics- 18/20
Though the GamePad looks bulky, it is actually very light and comfortable in one's hands. My only gripe is that I want to look at the screen even when I shouldn't be. Like in Takumaru's Ninja Castle in Nintendo Land, I want to watch the touch screen even though there isn't any information there that would help me.

Multiplayer- 16/20
The Wii U works with Wiimotes from the original Wii, meaning that you can use the controllers and accesories you already own... assuming you have a Wii... However, the Wiimotes are obviously vastly different from the GamPad, even excluding the giant screen in the middle; there are no analog sticks on the wiimote (without the nunchuk), or gyroscopes (except with Wiimote plus or Motion Plus).

Power Usage- 19/20
The Wii U is energy efficient. Need I say more? Yes...? Well alright... The Wii U console uses half the power of other HD game consoles in the market now. The only problem is that the GamePad is not as efficient. Its battery lasts not long (Very specific, I know).

Backwards Compatibility- 15/20
The Wii U's "Wii Mode" is a very... interesting... take on backwards compatibility. Unlike on the 3DS, one must go to a separate menu in order to play Wii games. I wouldn't be complaining if it weren't for the fact that it takes forever to get to said separate menu. Another issue is that it doesn't allow for many of the apps that made the Wii's interesting (photo channel, nintendo channel, etc.). Also, since the Wii U doesn't have Gamecube controller ports, games that support the controller now require the tacky Classic Controller for wii.

The Wii U currently comes in two different bundles, the Basic Set and the Deluxe Set. The scores are listed below.

  • Basic Set-15/20
    • The Wii U Basic Set costs $299.99 and basically only comes with the things that are required to play. Not the best deal when compared to the Deluxe Set. It has 8 Gb of Flash Memory.
  • Deluxe Set- 18/20
    • The Wii U Deluxe Set comes with everything in the Basic set and more. It costs $349.99, but is worth the price. The Deluxe set has an extra 24 Gb of Flash memory when compared to the Basic Set and comes with the game Nintendo Land. A special promotion, the Deluxe Digital Promotion, is available to owners of the Deluxe set that allows them to get 10% of their money back on games bought in the eShop. So basically, if you plan on buying Nintendo land (and if you don't, you should), it costs the same to buy the Basic Set and the game as to buy the Deluxe Set; but if you buy the Deluxe Set, you get the other things free!