Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This science fiction film takes place in the 'not to distant future' in a society where almost everyone is genetically engineered.; because of that, everyone who isn't, are second class citizens. The story follows an 'invalid', Vincent, a person who is not genetically engineered, who would become a fraud and buy someone else's identity from them. He had dreamed of going to space but his lack of genetic perfection prevented the company who would take him up from hiring him, he bought 'Jerome's' identity in order to get hired, he does, but then a high ranking official is killed and Vincent's eyelash is found at the scene of the crime; because Vincent isn't supposed to be at Gattaca, the space travel company, the police search for him, not knowing that he is secretly working there. The plot has several twists near the end (that I won't disclose to you) that make it a great film. The character development is slightly lacking, but not enough to hinder the story. This movie is great for those who love science fiction.