Monday, December 23, 2013

StreetPass Mii Plaza DLC Games


Nintendo recently released an update for the Nintendo 3DS that allowed 3DS owners to purchase four additional games for StreetPass Mii Plaza. These games can be purchased for $4.99 each of $14.99 for all four. The games are Mii Force, Flower Town, Warriors Way, and Monster Manor. I will review each game individually.

Flower Town- 9/10
This game allows players to grow flowers with other 3DS owners. Every time a StreetPass occurs, whether or not the other person purchased the game, the player is gets their current plant one step closer to being fully grown and/or a seed for their next plant. The goal of the game is to grow twenty different breeds of flowers and become a "master gardener".  There are many things to be done after meeting the twenty flower goal, such as growing specific flowers for Flower Power costumers (this can also be used to reach the twenty flower goal though as some jobs have seeds supplied). Though this game sounds really mundane, it is actually very fun. When I first heard about it, I thought I would hate it, but now it is why I get excited when I see a green notification light on my 3DS.

Mii Force- 7/10
This game is frustratingly difficult. I like a challenge but this is a bit much. The game is a side scrolling shooter. Players gain guns and/or  force for shots by StreetPassing other people with 3DSs. Players have four slots for guns and two power up slots for each gun. By placing Miis in the power up slots, you can increase the damage done by these guns. As of recently, I have begun StreetPassing enough people for this game to be possible as it almost takes the maximum amount of  power to beat level one.
Each time you open up the game, you get to try a level three times, however, there are no check points in any level. Because of the lack of checkpoints, it is even more frustrating. If one loses to the boss at the end of a level, players have to start the whole thing over again.

Monster Manor- 8/10
This game puts players in a haunted mansion where you have to climb to the top floor while battling ghosts and other monsters. When you StreetPass someone, you are given a floor piece that matches their favorite color. If you put several pieces of the same color together, you get a treasure chest or "Extra Dimensional Box." This feature makes the game slightly difficult, but not too frustrating. The game also allows players to team up with other players who they StreetPass with who also play the game, the process however is difficult unless you get a lot of StreetPasses every day. This game is fun, but has some draw backs.

Warriors' Way- 8/10
This game allows players to battle and conquer the world with StreetPasses. The game uses the population of your StreetPass Miis for those that don't play the game to determine the size of the army you get from them. For those that do play, you have the chance to battle them to get troops. The battle system is rock-paper-scisors, so you have a chance to win even with a slightly smaller army, but I recommend "Go big, or go home" for best results. The game is fun but it may take a very long time to get your army to the size you need it to succeed.