Tuesday, May 27, 2014



This moving movie features many songs sung by very skilled singers including "Let it Go" sung by Idina Menzel, "For the First Time in Forever" sung by Kristen Bell. Though the songs are amazing, though the emotional scenes are moving, as a whole, the movie is special. There are many movies that do better (but even more that do worse). This musical, forgets its genre at the half way point, and just becomes an animated film, the last song is too early in the film for a musical, the dynamic character isn't the one the audience grew attached to (Elsa changes, not Ana). The comic relief "duo" are almost never being comical together and one completely outperforms the other.
Despite all my whining, I really did enjoy the movie, and I can say it is now my second favorite Disney movie (Mulan still wins). The characters are well developed, and despite all its short comings in the way of music, the ones it does contain are all very strong and make the audience feel closer to the characters (the songs that aren't plot developing are often funny (except "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman" which is the saddest thing ever)).
So, taking all the movie's shortcomings and places where it excels, it is an amazing movie.