About The Site

General Information
On this site we will be reviewing things like video games, books, movies, etc. We will also post bits of news we find interesting or important. Feel free to leave comments on any post you agree/disagree with. We like to know what our readers think of our reviews.

Second Opinions
Second opinions are reviews by authors other than the one that originally did a review on a certain item. We will do these on some, not all, posts.

Pre-Release Opinions
These will be published for media or hardware experienced by a blog author at events hosted by the company who created the product prior to the release of the content.

  • General (books, movies, video games, ETC.) scores are out of ten.
  • Hardware (video game systems, DVD players, Computers, ETC.) scores are out of 100, points are divided equally into any five of these eleven categories. Each category being worth twenty points. The categories are: 
    1. Ergonomics
    2. Compatible Launch Media/Launch Software
    3. Built in Content
    4. Power Consumption/Battery Life
    5. Online
    6. Multiplayer
    7. Multitasking
    8. Graphics
    9. Sound
    10. Economics/Price
    11. Backwards Compatibility
    12. Media Memory